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Arthur Rex

The eldest of the bunch, Arthur is a six year old Rat Terrier (also known as a "Feist") and an undisputed Daddy's boy.  He's a fierce protector, always on alert, but he's also a sweetheart who likes to snuggle and have his chin scratched.     




Ashley Dreamer (formerly M.J.G. Dreamer)

The most recent addition is also the youngest.  Ashley is a greyhound and was adopted from Project Racing Home (PRH).  She's only two years old -- in many ways, still a puppy -- and is the most darling, playful girl, but she's a clothes thief as well!




Morgaine le Fay

The undisputed queen of the house, the smallest of the group has the largest personality and can definitely live up to her name.  Morgaine, like Arthur, is a white Rat Terrier, but unlike Arthur this five year old has two speeds: laid back and full throttle.  Luckily for us she's more a lap dog than anything else.



Merlin Ambrosius

The most hyperactive dog many people have ever seen, Merlin is also know as the "butt biter" due to his tendency to gently nip visitors on the rear!  This four year old brindle is also a Rat Terrier, and loves to play.  He's a very picky eater who likes to nibble, and loves peanut butter cookies.



Mallory "Mally" Rose (formerly Task Eager Amy)

A three year old greyhound, Mally was also adopted from PRH.  The most sedate of the bunch, she's opened up immensely with the addition of Ashley, but remains a steady rock most of the time.  At times playful, at times quiet, she's the most content with the status quo.



Skylea Jane

The solid black longhair housecat is four years old and jokingly known as the vile fiend, due mostly to her ability to get into anything at anytime.   



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