elen síla lúmenn omentielvo

Quenta Endórë

Men, Elves, Hobbits ... come explore a different part of Middle-Earth.  


the (not so) restricted section of the library

Miscellany from the Wizarding World

Various and sundry fiction from the Potterverse, including crossovers.


if the apocalypse comes ... 

As the Hellmouth Turns

Miscellaneous fiction from the Buffyverse, including non-HP crossovers.


wizard, witch and fiend have power

The Hawkeforte Legacy

Voldemort rules over a shattered Magical Britain where civil war is imminent and Harry Potter leads a resistance based in the Muggle World.  However,  it is Hermione Granger who is about to discover within herself an ancient power -- one that may not only be the key to defeating Voldemort, but may also succeed in restoring to the Magical World that which faded into the mists with the death of a legendary king.


through the looking glass

The Christabel Chronicles

Every choice has repercussions, something Buffy discovers when she finds herself trapped in an alternate timeline.  It's 1898, and England is full of vampires (including Angelus and the Master) and Watchers.  What's a misplaced Slayer to do?  


fonder of ... ?


It makes the heart grow fonder, right?  Or does it?  For Buffy and Darla, resurrection has consequences that are only just beginning.  AU S6.


some warriors died thus


The afterlife sure isn't what Buffy expected -- and it's the "life" part that has her confused.  Set post "The Gift."  


darksome night and shinning moon

The Wheel of the Year

Follow the Scoobies and the A-team as they celebrate the eight Sabbats during BtVS S5 and AtS S1.  COMPLETE


this is how the world ends

After the End

The End of Days came and went.  Strangely, the world's still turning and most people are none the wiser.  Funny how the survivors aren't laughing.  COMPLETE


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Le Sanctuaire










"Let me get this straight.  You had a partially dead megalomaniac with an immortality obsession, a history of the dark arts and a penchant for reanimating the dead, and nobody thought to cremate the remains of his blood relatives?”  


-- Buffy to Dumbledore, from Life in Sunnyhell by Niamh O'Leary