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Buffyverse Fiction

+ Margot's Femfic +

There are instances in this reality where words become meaningless letters on a page and do no justice to their intended subject, instances such as Margot's wonderful work.  Painfully exquisite fanfiction devoted to Buffy and Angel/us ... among others.

+ You Got The Stones? +

BtVS/Angel fanfiction challenge site

+ The Stacks +

Mistress Angel's B/A fic 

+ The Naughty Slayer +

The Original B/A Adult Archive.  Sadly, Tam and Lex have bowed out so the site is no longer being updated, but it is still the place to find some of the older and harder-to-locate fic.

+ Ducks' (DenialBubble) Fic +

Something Old.  The Reluctant Ancestor.  Bringing Him Back.  Also much more B/A and S/A fic.  And lots of Angelus.

+ Cruel Obsessions +

Home of Claudia's masterful and disturbing work-in-progress, The Wicked Seduction of a Vampire Slayer and links to other B/Aus fic.

+ Moonlight Madness +

TEAOW&S.  Sin Wagon.  Alpha.  Divine Madness.  Laure's fic of various sorts.

+ The Buffer +

Run by Rebecca; contains several small archives by selected authors as well as theme collections (check out "The Gift" archive) and is a great place to find both ensemble and couple-centric fic.

+ Every Six Seconds +

Gia's fanfiction repository.  Her excellent work tends toward B/A, but there are other pairings thrown in too.

+ Better Buffy Fiction +

Ever been discouraged by all the absolute crap that calls itself fanfiction?  Do you hunger for good writing, believable plots and characters you recognise?  If so, pay a visit.  It's all good.

+ With Peaches On Top +

A Dom Angel site (run by Indie).

+ VS8: Welcome to a Whole New Slayground! +

A truly excellent, high quality continuation of BtVS.

+ The Chosen +

Another exceptionally excellent, high quality BtVS continuation.  Now in Season 9.

+ Project Paranormal +

Because whoever said that all BtVS and AtS continuations were cut from the same cloth was mistaken.  Join Giles, Buffy and Angel (with cameos from the Scoobies) and a recurring cast of well-written OCs as they begin again -- doing what they do best, of course.  

Buffyverse Sites of Interest

+ +

spoilers, photos, quizzes and lots of other goodies

+ +

home of the Buffy Cross & Stake and An Angel's Soul, among others, premiere sites for spoilers, pictures, character and actor info as well as fic


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Tolkien-verse Fiction

+ Stories of Arda +

High quality Tolkien-verse fiction archive.  All new submissions vetted by previously accepted writers to ensure acceptability.  No explicit adult material.

+ Henneth-AnnŻn Story Archive +

Another high quality Tolkien-verse archive with an associated discussion list.  Also has a screening process for new writers.

+ Open Scrolls Archive +

Tolkien-verse archive that specialises in het-only fiction.

+ Surgical Steele's Fanfiction: Gathering Point for the Middle Earth Guild of Bad Influences +

Join SerindŽ of Dol Amroth, Surgeon of the Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith, as she journeys south, then north and then south again.  This is one series that should not be missed!

+ Eyrn Carantaur +

Ningloreth's archive of wonderful …owyn/Legolas murder mysteries, plus lots of other goodies.

+ A Boy, A Girl & A Dog: The Lay of Leithian Dramatic Script Project +

A dark-humorous "screenplay" version of the story of Beren and Luthien (and Huan) -- and just about everyone else in the First Age, as paths cross calamitously either in Middle-Earth or in Mandos.  And sometimes both.  *g*  Read this -- NOW!

+ Elf Fetish Fiction +

Elf fic -- need I say more?  Many ratings and pairings, lots of slash.  

+ The Mellon Chronicles +

Home of Cassia and Siobahn's sprawling, epic Aragorn-Legolas saga as well as other great A-L friendship fic.  Absolutely no slash.

+ Nili's Unnamed Series +

Meet Aragorn and Legolas, two friends who like to play pranks on their respective families and just generally enjoy life.  Now watch them have one misadventure after another, and drag other elves and men along for the ride.

+ Half-Full +

CinnamonGrrl's personal crossover archive; includes Between the Shadow and the Soul (BtVS/LotR) and others.  

Tolkien-verse Sites of Interest

+ The Council of Elrond +

Tolkien news and information.  Houses excellent Quenya and Sindarin dictionaries as well as study guides for learning Elvish.  Also home to the Elvish Name Database which will translate your name to its Sindarin or Quenya equivalent.

+ +

Multimedia site devoted to Lord of the Rings and all things Tolkien.

+ No Living Man Am I +

An …owyn site with pictures, essays, discussion links and some fiction.


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Harry Potter Fiction 

+ La Societie des Femmes Dangereuse +

Harry Potter fic with an emphasis on Snape.  Home of Pawn to Queen, Roman Holiday, The Fire and The Rose, Golem and much, much more. 

+ The Viktor and Hermione Corner

Proudly catering to HG/VK fans everywhere.

+ +

A small, invitation-only archive with excellent Potterverse fiction.  Some stories do require registration.

+ Sycophant Hex: A World of Possibilities +

A large archive devoted to multiple characters and pairings; all ratings welcome.  Some stories do require registration.

+ Fiction Alley +

One of the largest general Harry Potter fic archives on the web. Subdivided by main genre (drama, dark fic, humor, romance, essay); also home to a fanart gallery.

+ The Dungeon +

Home to McAmy's masterpiece, A Matter of Honor, as well as a great deal of quality HP fic and/or where to find it.

+ Corvus Fallere (by Mouse) +

I don't generally link to individual stories, but this one shouldn't be missed.  Mouse's Corvus Fallere is a very, very disturbing but very, very good tale about our favourite Gryffindor trio and the dreaded Potions Master in a world where Voldemort has won -- but nothing is quite what it seems.


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Miscellaneous Fiction

+ Twisting the Hellmouth +

The Crossover Zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild.  Probably the most comprehensive place to find Buffy or Angel crossovers.

+ Wormhole Crossing +

An archive for Stargate: SG1 and/or Atlantis crossover fiction.

+ When Hellmouths Collide

Another rare single fiction recommendation.   From the site: "Buffy, Xander, Giles and Willow are accidentally sent through a dimensional doorway to a strange new world, where they run into our favorite pair of mythological heroes, Hercules and Iolaus. Together, they uncover Ethan Rayne's terrible plot against this world.  Jason, Autolycus, Xena and Gabrielle are also major characters.  Yes, we know what you're thinking, but it works!"  And boy does it!! --Nymue 

+ Forever Knight Fan Fiction +

THE place for FK fic of all ratings, pairings and genres; includes the virtual Season Four.

+ Alternative Universe Today + link fixed 13 November 2006

Babylon 5 goodness  

+ The Pink Rabbit Consortium +

Femslash.  Femslash.  Femslash.  Many fandoms.  All very good.  Go there.  Now.

+ Fanfiction.Net +

The largest fanfiction archive on the web.  All fandoms (except those whose creators pitched a fit), all genres (except MSTs and essays), all ratings (except NC17), all the time (except for when the server's down).


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+ Google +

The best search engine on the web.

+ Barnes and Noble +

Books, books and more books.  Order.  Read.  Enjoy.

+ Yahoo Groups +

Looking for a particular list?  Chances are it's here.

+ Dreamhost +

The best webhost around.  Period.

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